Weeks 3 & 4

  1. Liang Qichao and He Zhen developed their political views while they were away because they needed an audience who would take them seriously and actually listen to their ideas. According to Rebecca E. Karl, “many Chinese activists…went to raise funds for their respective efforts to overthrow or reform the dynastic state” (54). Qichao, for example, went to Hawaii so he could raise money and share his ideas with an audience who would actually listen. People in China were less accepting of Qichao’s radical ideas. The dynastic system had worked for the past few centuries. Why change it now? Qichao also thought he could create relationships with Hawaiians and use them to his advantage (“networking”). He was more successful in befriending locals than people with actual influence or power, however.
  2. I have experienced something similar while traveling for pleasure, but also revisiting the orphanage I was adopted from. I am a victim to the one-child policy in China, which I thought was very relevant to this week’s readings. This is my story: I was adopted from China and raised as an American. When I was in middle school, my family and I went back to China. This made me ask the question, “Who am I?” I realized that I could identify as both Chinese and American. I could also relate my experiences of racial discrimination and identity crisis with the Asian-American and adoption community respectfully
  3. Qichao and Zhen’s views on nationalism diverged because their concepts of nationalism came from different places. Qichao’s came from Hawaii, while Zhen’s came from Japan. Zhen was also an anarchist feminist which influenced her view on nationalism. For example, Zhen believed that women’s working conditions were “poor in all societies with an unequal distribution of wealth” and didn’t believe that the creation of a nation-state would be able to fix class issues.




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